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Montessori curriculum for 2 year old

Posted on by Cammy Baldree

The terrible twos as they're called morning in! But you will not need to fear this transitional change for your kid, it could be handled. There are strategies that may help this interval to be a simple transition. This is achieved by giving kids alternatives to prevent power struggles and giving chance to do the jobs proposed to them and enabling them to achieve things alone. At this point, as they grow up, children have to be given more autonomy. This is revealed in the surroundings. How it is arranged by one such that the child can independently accomplish things for himself. This then gives him/her the sense of achievement and in turn develops a high self-esteem. The key will be to set up the surroundings in which he can triumph in order to do things by himself. For young kid things might need to be set up step by step, which may be boring and slow for adults but is essential for a child who's learning.

Montessori - Practical Life - Care of the person- Washing Hands

Bathroom Setup

By now there should be a bedtime routine to contain bathroom time. This is the time they wash their hands may sit on the potty and brush their teeth. For the child to gain access to the sink and potty, have a tiny light weight stool the child can stand on. Have this lightweight to allow them to move it around to where they want it. Set their toothbrush and toothpaste in this manner that they'll get it themselves. Have a kid sized toothpaste and toothbrush set in a tray in order of sequence of use. From left to have the toothbrush afterward the toothpaste along with a cup set on a tray for the child to use. For bath time, have a tiny bottle of soap and shampoo for the youngster in order to use for himself. Children love seeing bubbles made and pouring/ squeezing soap out of a bottle. Put a tiny amount of shampoo or soap in the bottles such if they opt to pour it all out, that there WOn't be any waste. Have a small tote/net that hangs over the tub for their toys to dry when the youngster is in the bathroom. This tote will likewise be good in teaching your kid to put away his toys by himself. Have a towel rack that's low enough for your child to put their towel for their use.

Dining Area Setup

At this stage the child can eat the food that the family has. The kid might also have meals with the family so that he/she may also observe the correct social part of eating meals. Your son or daughter could be placed in a high chair together together with the family near the table to have a sense of belonging. If possible have the kid using exactly the same table as the family is. Remove the table that secludes him and have him pushed up on the family table. The kid can also pick to eat in his own table and seat. A kid can have his own accessibility to a low drawer in the kitchen which can contain plate and his own utensils. The utensils and plate need not be plastic and may be real lightweight. The glass can also be real. In case the child is instructed just how to care for things properly, handle matters with care, you may be surprised by them. There should be no anxiety for glasses to break as it a short space to the earth in case the kid chooses to eat at his low table. This could also teach the child the way to take glass and care of their particular plates and spoons and forks. A placemat with drawings of the plate, spoon, fork and glass can be drawn as a guide for table setting on it. See Pouring a beverage task.

Attention for the surroundings

As mentioned before, have kid sized brooms, mops cloths (for wiping the table) and sponges to permit the little one to clean like they grownups do. A small watering can that the little one can take himself can also be used. Teach the kid where they could get water for themselves and to walk quite carefully when carrying the watering can so as not to spill water. You can have a small sponge that goes on the tip of the spout to stop this from happening with younger kids. The plants to be watered can be potted indoor plants or in the backyard garden.

Spreading jam/butter on crackers or toast

Have small container that the jam will undoubtedly be placed, little knife and a tiny plate in. Put a little jam that will be enough for one piece of toast or cracker on the container that is tiny. This can guarantee that there'll not be any waste of food if the little one decides to use all that's available. Consistently reveal the child slowly the best way to spread it to the jam stressing little details such as taking a little bit of spread, and ensuring the whole of the toast is covered.

Vaughan daycare


Language explosion frequently occurs at round the age of TWO. This really is when children nearly miraculously begins to speak in sentences and has increased their vocabulary by tenfold. One should then support this by becoming a great language model and teaching the youngster more vocabulary. The kid will start parroting words how you say it and that you will say, so be attentive with what you say. The kid also doesn't have to get baby talk and changing to a high pitched voice when you talk to your kid is unneeded. Speak with them like you would to another man. Speak to them clearly in order that they can absorb what you're saying to them. Do not correct them, when some words are misarticulated by children at this age. This may make the child fearful of trying new words but rather model it. Say it again after them when you reply. This will definitely allow them know of their mistake without being shamed. Talk to children about things in complete sentences. Try and spell out why things are so they'll comprehend. The best language model they can have is the a

Montessori 24-36 Months - 2 to 3 Year Old - Daily Montessori

Care For Self

All these are activities for example dressing oneself, by being given the opportunity to try to put on their own clothes, and shoes. This may be practicing with Velcro, zips and buttons that are found in their particular clothes.

Banana Slicing

This will definitely involve a little cutting board, a small butter knife, little food tongs plus a little bowl. Depending on the skills of your toddler, request them to peel to banana by asking them to just pull down on the rind and making them a little cut. As the peel is wholly off, request the child to lose it correctly. Get the banana and put it on the cutting board. Slowly take the knife and cut the banana in bite size sections. Highlight on the cutting motion or shoving on down the knife. Give your kid a turn. It really is regular when they do not cut the banana in the ideal size due to the issue for them. As they practice more they're going to get more adept later on. After all of the banana is cut, take the tongs and place each banana piece to the tiny bowl from where it may be eaten. Kids can also slice with a small sharp knife cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, squash, eggplants, and other soft vegetables, as the children get old and slicing has become an easy activity for them.

Practical Life

Montessori observed that kids needed to assist in the upkeep of their own surroundings. She then developed practical life actions. This can be activities that adults do every day that children see and may need to imitate. It is often as complicated as washing clothing, or dishes, or as easy as sweeping, mopping and dusting. For the house one can have a kid sized dustpan and broom and mop. Kids like to clean up. Direct them to where you could logically keep the mop when they might see a mess and show them if they don't already know from observing the grownup how one does it properly. When your activities are consistently exaggerated by showing kids a special activity so they'll not miss details of performing that endeavor that is straightforward that we as adults may take for granted. Request your kid to help with the smallest tasks as dressing themselves, wiping their own table up after themselves, putting dishes in the dishwasher, mopping, sweeping, and setting the garments in the wash.

Dwelling Area Set Up

In this region one can have one small shelf for his playthings that he or she may use when with the family. One can additionally have a child sized chair and wooden table for the little one in order to utilize for his work/play. They are able to use alternative mediums for craft or large sizes crayons also accessible to the little one. You can decide to get painting available as the wreck could be more difficult to clean for inside but this might be ideal for the outside. You can also supply a little rug or mat for the kid to work on instead of the table. Their work is then contained by this to a certain place.

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